Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

The final presentation.

The course was open to all masters-level students of the university incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge of technological methods, structure know-how, architecture, environmental design and art. The focus of the course was to encapsulate and broaden the methodologies, which the students currently are used to.

The course aimed to generate a series of botanical architectural species; utilizing its structures and processes within nature in spatial and structural design from micro scale (millimeters and centimeters) to building scale (tens and hundreds of meters). Using techniques of accumulation, mutation, transformation, repetition and more.

The final models.

The student work:

Students: Niko Cederlöf, Anna Hakamäki, Satu Niemi and Alex Wright.

Students: Akinori Hattori, Arto Ollila, Gee Park and Outi Tahvonen.

Students: Elisa Andretti, David Mandujano Talavera and Tuuli Virtanen.

Students: Teresa Mair and Yaihan Xiang.

Students: Kenta Mabuchi and Mirka Uski.

Responsible professor:
Hannu Hirsi, Chair: Construction Technology and Information Technology in Architecture

Antti Ahlava, Urban Design
Edward Becker, Advanced Architectural Design
Otso Helenius, Information Technology in Architecture
Steven Ma, Xuberance
Ashish Mohite, Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, ADD
Michael Pawlyn, Biomimicry in Architecture
Outi Tahvonen, Environmental Sciences

Niko Cederlöf
Anna Hakamäki
Satu Niemi
Alex Wright
Akinori Hattori
Arto Ollila
Gee Park
Outi Tahvonen
Kenta Mabuchi
Mirka Uski
Teresa Mair
Yaihan Xiang
Elisa Andretti
Davis Mandujano Talavera
Tuuli Virtanen

Ashish Mohite, Design Research