Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

In design, the idea of repetition has been replaced by variation and singularity. In engineering, standardized production has been replaced by customization. In business, the serial production line has been replaced by flexible specialization. The idea of the mass market has been broken down into individualized consumer strategies. The developments of the past decade have created further demand for new strategic models, a configuration of individualist modes of thought and production. A new culture of entrepreneurialism is being introduced.

Beginnings of Digital Design and Fabrication, ADD’s Aaltonaut course, introduces students to the possibilities offered by new design and fabrication technologies. It incorporates computational design and fabrication within contemporary creative practices, giving an introduction to new design, production and distribution models. It is a five credit course that consists of two weekly sessions at ADD, approximately four hours each.

The courses will be assessed by a midterm evaluation and a final evaluation critiqued by invited guests as well as a peer review. Sessions start in Fall 2013.

Aaltonaut is an interdisciplinary minor subject aimed at Bachelor’s level students. The course is based on inquiry and problem based learning as well as group work in interdisciplinary groups. Academy studying is supplemented with working life mentoring. Students who have completed the minor subject will have a command of the basic product development, business and scientific research. The general coaching goals of the minor subject are reinforcing an entrepreneurial attitude and refining teamwork and communication skills.