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The digital paradigm continues to shift to a post-medium condition characterized by the layering of processes and technologies. Distinctions between digital and analog, virtual and real have become outmoded. In their work, Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser create new interfaces including software and hardware as part of the design environment and in relation to esthetic interests and design goals. They presented the conceptual and pedagogical framework for the new SCI-Arc Robot House, a cutting edge robotics and simulation lab focused on architecture and media arts, and also other recent projects at the convergence of advanced materials and robotic fabrication. Multi-model techniques of representation, and affiliations of matter, motion and geometry enable the new design paradigm.

“Machines, including computers and robots, often take us by surprise as we cannot predict or foresee what is going to happen in the actual event. Contrary to popular assumptions and preconceptions about computers the inputs do not strictly define the outputs as the objects we work with hold more secrets than one can imagine. Working with machines is part of a creative and collaborative enterprise.”

SCI-Arc Graduate Thesis SU11. Advisors Peter Testa & Devyn Weiser. Team Curime Batliner, Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto. Image courtesy of TESTA/WEISER.

SCI-Arc RoCoCo Seminar SP12. Instructor Devyn Weiser. Team William Hu, Haleh Olfati, Jasmine Park. Image courtesy of TESTA/WEISER.

SCI-Arc RoCoCo Seminar SP12. Instructor Devyn Weiser. Team Erin Besler, Tyler McMartin, Paul Stoelting, Paul Trussler. Image courtesy of TESTA/WEISER.

TESTA/WEISER is a studio based in Los Angeles. It invents, designs and prototypes breakthrough architecture, products, and systems for a diverse client roster that includes some of the world’s most innovative companies. Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser are partners in charge of design at TESTA/WEISER Inc. and founding members of the MIT Emergent Design Group (EDG). They are currently members of the SCI-Arc Design faculty where they initiated in 2010 the SCI-Arc Robotics & Simulation Lab with Stäubli Robotics.

Peter Testa has previously been an Associate Professor of Architecture at Columbia University GSAPP and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Testa holds an S.M.Arch.S. from MIT in History, Theory, and Criticism.

Devyn Weiser’s current work includes Vaporware (VPR), the world’s largest ocean-based energy infrastructure with pilot projects for California and Cape Verde and FACTORe, an electric vehicle design and manufacturing complex for Peugeot Citroën. Weiser holds a B.F.A. and B.Arch. from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MSAAD from Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.