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Mass production, mass media – commonplace terms but what is their relation to “mass”. davidclovers has explored innovative methods of massing in 11 projects. David Erdman discusses massing in relation to pressurizing architectural space, and recapitulates “mass production” as the literal production of mass. Outlining how digital / physical modeling and fabrication processes pressurize the high contrast between materials, programs and geometries, sheds light to the work process of davidclovers. Erdman aimed to slow down mass media “like lightning and graphics to the point materiality” to elaborate how their projects mass media – mass used as a verb in this case – and how that bilaterally places pressure on architecture to speed up and media to slow down. The lecture contextualizes this through growing pressures of designing architecture both within Asia and outside of it.

“In the films of David Fincher and Chris Nolan it is almost impossible to make a distinction between a digitally driven effect and reality. The cinematic effect intrigues because it depends as much on the plot as it does on the spectacle around it. The only building I have recently seen which achieves something like this is Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower in New York. Looking at it from afar, one almost needs to rub his eyes – it looks like someone applied a Photoshop effect to a tower. Similar to Nolan and Fincher, it is the combination of analog and digital, low tech and high tech that produces such a rich effect.” –DAVID ERDMAN

Clover Lee and David Erdman. Image courtesy of davidclovers.

House DE. Image courtesy of davidclovers.

House DE. Image courtesy of davidclovers.

davidclovers was founded by David Erdman and Clover Lee in 2007. The collaboration capitalizes on their 15-year experience of designing and completing residential homes, interiors and exhibitions. Established in the U.S. as academics and practitioners, their projects emphasize architectural massing and its material effects. davidclovers received the Rome Prize in 2008, and relocated to Hong Kong in 2009. Erdman and Lee lecture and publish widely throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Their work has been exhibited at e.g. the Venice, Beijing and Korean Biennales.

David Erdman has been an Assistant Professor of Design at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Architecture since 2010, and is also the Director of Public Programs. He received his Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in 1993 and his Master of Architecture from Columbia University in 1998. He co-founded servo, where he designed projects from 1999-2006.

Clover Lee received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University in 1995. In 2000 she received a Master of Design Studies from Harvard University and subsequently founded Plus Clover in 2001. From 2004-2008, Clover was an Assistant Professor at Rice University where she was also the Director of (RSAC) Rice School of Architecture China. She was awarded the Design Excellence Award for the national Living Smart competition in 2004 with Plus Clover.