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Teamwork is key to successful planning and building. The architect and the other planning parties including the engineers work together to ensure a holistic planning process, which is the basis of high quality and economically efficient construction. Planning processes are complex these days, and take into account the cultural, historical and esthetic aspects of a construction. For the process to be successful, digital technology is required, and Klaus Bollinger presented selected projects to describe the planning process.

“In my point of view there is no digital revolution, what we experience is a digital evolution.” –KLAUS BOLLINGER

Rolex learning center. Image courtesy of Bollinger und Grohmann.

Hungerburgbahn. Image courtesy of Bollinger und Grohmann.

Sphere Deutsche Bank. Image courtesy of Mario Bellini Architect(s).

Klaus Bollinger is the co-founder of Bollinger + Grohmann together with Manfred Grohmann. The practice, founded in 1983, now employs 100 people in offices located in Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Paris, Oslo and Melbourne. Bollinger has been Professor of Structural Engineering at the School of Architecture / University of Applied Arts at Vienna since 1994, and guest professor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt since 2000. He studied Civil Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt and taught at Dortmund University.

Bollinger + Grohmann provide a complete range of structural design services for clients and projects worldwide. Their work includes building structures, façade design and building performance for commercial, retail and exhibition facilities as well as classic civil engineering structures such as bridges, roofs and towers.