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Particles Architecture is a theory that reflects on an empathetic understanding of society from the visualization of landscape to the design and materialization of the architectural project. Enric Ruiz-Geli introduced the investigations of his theory through a series of projects, which explore the articulation of digital technologies between information, design strategies and construction.

Particles Architecture becomes part of a discourse that makes no distinction between objects and products, buildings and landscape, sea and mountain, but which understands reality and therefore the architectural project as performing particles. This leads to the empathetic understanding of a society, where people and nature speak a common language – that of Particles Architecture.

“The natural environment for working with particles surpasses proprietary software and introduces environments that are more generic. They are managed by the use of free programming environments through intelligent behavior over time, thus progressing from the exterior morphology of the project to the performance of its parts or internal composition.”

VillaNurbs. Image courtesy of Cloud 9.

Millennium Project. Image courtesy of Realce Comunicación.

elBullifoundation – Brainstorming Area.
Image courtesy of Cloud 9.

Enric Ruiz-Geli is the principal of cutting-edge, experimental Cloud 9 Studio in Barcelona. The practice has made a unique commitment to research and experimentation in fundamentally novel approaches to technology, fabrication and construction to realize these groundbreaking projects. Current works in progress include the New York Aquarium and the new el Bulli foundation headquarters. Ruiz-Geli is a serial award-winner for his revolutionary approach to innovation in architecture. He has been the Unit Master of Diploma Unit 18 at Architectura Assosiation, London since 2010. His works belong to the collections of MoMa (New York), FRAC Centre Collection (Orleans) and Centre Pompidou (Paris).