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In the “Turning a Corner” project 36 tables were fabricated with custom-casted joints, standard aluminum tubes, and a customized glass surface. As an alternative to casting the table joint prototypes, milling (subtractive process) and forging (shaping metal) were tested. To ensure that prototyping and getting from plan to product was fast, the chosen method was casting and 3D printing. Over 300 joints were produced for the two different table designs each consisting of 8 angles and over 300 individual pieces.

The inherent strength of the chosen aluminum alloy, AISi7Mg, enabled the angle size to remain small and still hold the glass tabletop.

For more precise engineering of the digitally designed objects, they were taken into Creo (formally ProEngineer) for final modifications before fabrication. Two prototypes were made using different methods with the first based on a sand casting process with a negative mold made for wax in precision casting. The second used 3D printing for positive molds, and sand casting was the chosen method because the series to be cast was under 500 objects.

The tables were used to display Finnish design at the Design Colors Life exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in October 2012.

Department of Engineering Design and Production
Aalto School of Engineering
Juhani Orkas, Professor

Tuuli Sotamaa, Partner

Kivi Sotamaa, Director
Ashish Mohite, Designer
Eetu Kejonen, Engineer
Meng Wang, Technical Design