Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

The 3D Lab allows ADD to engage with the public, and demonstrate how 3D printers are being used in fashion, jewelry, musical instruments, and even buildings. Through a series of seminars, workshops and events, the ADD staff and visiting collaborators will demonstrate how the technology behind 3D printing works and how it has and will continue to integrate itself into our everyday life. Items exhibited at the lab include a 3D printed titanium jawbone, a custom fit motorcycle glove, and plastic printed skateboard.

3D Lab Launch

The Night of the Arts on Wednesday 22.8. sees the launch of the 3D Lab. Four different 3D printers are introduced using plastics, stock A4 paper, and powdered gypsum.


Anyone can submit sketches to audi3dlab.fi or via hashtag #3DLab. Each week the sketches are collected and one is selected for execution. On Fridays the chosen sketcher and ADD’s designer will sit down and bring the idea to life with a 3D printer.

Mobile Lab – 4.9. @ Narinkkatori and 14–15.9. @ Cable Factory

The 3D Lab will take a few trips beyond its pop-up location to introduce the most basic 3D printer and showcase items printed together with the public as well as other projects by ADD.

HDW Launch

Helsinki Design Week launches on Thursday 12.9, when the 3D Lab will display jewelry designed by creative professionals and assembled through Beacon in collaboration with ADD.

Erratic – installation view.

Erratic Seminar

The seminar Erratic run by Swedish architects Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe takes place on Thursday 19.9. at 7pm. They will present their work on Erratic, an installation exhibited at ADD.

Children’s Weekend

The Helsinki Design Week is closed out with the Children’s Weekend, and the 3D Lab also organizes an event children can join in. The 3D Coloring book, developed by ADD and illustrator Nene Tsuboi allows children’s coloring to be pulled off the page and into their hands. The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, 21.–22.9. between 11 and 4 pm.


Helsinki Design Week
Kari Korkman, CEO, Founder
Reetta Turtiainen, Assistant Producer
Martina Wuoristo, Producer
Anni Korkman, Producer
Henna Kokko, Communications Coordinator
Jussi Halonen, Production Designer

Daniel Norell, Founder
Einar Rodhe, Founder

Nene Tsuboi, designer

Sebastian Jansson, Founder and designer

Saas Instruments
Häkan Längstedt, Founder

Kivi Sotamaa, Director
Emmy Maruta, Design Research
Jukka Helle, Software Design
Meng Wang, Industrial Design
Ashish Mohite, Design Research