Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

The first phase of the project is the development of the DD Shape machine, built by BIT. Four students have started work on the machine’s software and hardware under the advisement of BIT Research Centre Director Jouni Partanen and Professor Petri Kuosmanen.

The collaboration between ADD and BIT keeps designers and engineers in constant dialogue as they work on the software and hardware.

The software digitally cuts the designed figure into horizontal sections, after which a laser transfers the geometry to the sheet material. The laser moves along the computed contours and softens the material, which is then pulled down with a vacuum. Digitally designed surfaces can be made quickly with the DD Shape technology, and commercial applications of it are in development.

BIT Research Centre, Aalto School of Science
Jouni Partanen, Director

Department of Engineering Design and Production
Aalto School of Engineering
Petri Kuosmanen, Professor
Jari Haiko, Machine and Software Engineer
Arthur Halme, Machine and Software Engineer
Lasse Rantanen, Machine and Software Engineer
Tommi Tikkanen, Machine and Software Engineer

Emmy Maruta, Design Research
Sergei Chekurov, Engineering Research
Jukka Helle, Engineering Research