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This research project in collaboration with the Aalto Foundry tests the benefits of using different materials paired with multiple casting processes. Each substrate material is paired with different printing technologies.

Generally casting uses a high quality mold. This project tests a complex 3D printed model with casting, which allows to get a stronger and more durable model.

Today 3D printing technology is limited to producing small series, but research in casting technologies can help to bridge the gap to industrial manufacturing.

The first study took geometry from Chantilly, printed with PLA and casting it with the investment casting technique. The form is good for testing casting complex surfaces with its overlapping surfaces and deep valleys. In tests the duplication of surface geometry was impressive and the roughness added another layer of variability.

Department of Engineering Design and Production
Aalto School of Engineering
Juhani Orkas, Professor

Eetu Kejonen, Engineer
Emmy Maruta, Design Research