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Digital manufacturing can shorten the time between production and market while increasing productivity. The Manu project researches how to achieve this with digital design and manufacturing in the Finnish metal technology industry. Manu also creates a platform for educating future industrialists and researchers on how to use these emerging and disruptive tools with a focus especially on additive manufacturing.

What is the state-of-the-art in additive manufacturing? And how can that benefit the Finnish metal technology industry?

Manu is organized by Fimecc (the Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster) and involves 32 companies and six research centers while accounting for 35 million euros. In the process, Finnish and international talent within the research facilities and the industry will network to create active collaboration.

ADD is involved in the “New Manufacturing and Future Challenges” part of the project.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Pentti Eklund, Research Coordinator
Veli Kujanpäa, Research Professor

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Heidi Piili, Doctoral Research Scientist
Tuomas Purtonen, Project Engineer

Tampere University of Technology
Jorma Vihinen, Research Manager

Kivi Sotamaa, Director
Emmy Maruta, Design Research
Jukka Helle, Technical Research
Meng Wang, Technical Research


Various Prototypes
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