Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs and the euro. Brussels pulp, 2013. 3D print: gypsum, resin

The question was explored in an art installation by the artist collective Brussels Pulp in collaboration with ADD and the Aalto University’s Department of Art. The work consists of three 30cm high digital sculptures of the EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs and the euro in three different poses. The work was installed in an old growth forest as a part of the Mustarinda 2013 exhibition in Hyrynsalmi, Finland.

ADD provided technological expertise and facilities for planning and executing the work. The project also included the “3D printing as an artistic medium” art course to master level students, introducing them to the history and use of 3D printing in art, as well as teaching the basics of polygon modeling and exporting models for 3D printing.

Digital methods of making art are related to a degree of detachment and replicability – how does that influence making and experiencing art?

Brussels Pulp is a scientific-artistic collective that currently examines how technology, economy, politics and culture intertwine through 3D modeling and printing.

Paavo Järvensivu, D.Sc. (econ.), is a researcher and social activist, who explores alternative practices such as scientific-artistic collaborations outside traditional research conventions. He joined the Mustarinda association in early 2011 and is currently the vice chairman of the board.

Tere Vadén, professor at Aalto’s Department of Art, is an accomplished author, and co-author of the recently published “Energia ja kokemus” (Energy and Experience).

The Mustarinda association studies the urgencies of ecology and society through art and research. The international artist/researcher-in-residency program in the Mustarinda house provides a forum for new types of critical thinking.

Emmy Maruta, Designer