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IdeaLAB@CERN is a pilot project to explore the value and impact of fundamental research on our daily lives. IdeaLab seeks to find paths for technologies developed at CERN to make it faster from the labs into everyone’s homes. IdeaLab brings together and fosters collaborations with interdisciplinary master level student courses, CERN physicists, engineers and early stage researchers in multidisciplinary teams with industrial. ADD's role in the Aalto-CERN collaboration is to do high quality research in the area of digital design and manufacturing and provide support and tools for better distributed product development.

Image courtesy of IdeaLab@CERN.

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is an international organization whose purpose is to operate world’s largest particle physics laboratory. CERN consists of the largest particle accelerator in the world which (at the border of Switzerland and France) provides research data for thousands of researchers located near the particle accelerator but also all around the world. The main mission of CERN is to prove theories about birth of the universe – to find out why we exist. In addition, a lot of spin-off technologies from CERN are applied for example in cancer treatment.


Jouni Partanen, Director, Director of Engineering
Kivi Sotamaa, Design Director
Heikki Sjöman, Infrastructure Development