Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, }ADD{

Engineering education must constantly develop to keep up-to-date, and to continue developing best practices. Discussing and developing the methods and the means of mechanical engineering is especially timely for the Aalto School of Science and Technology's engineering program, which is undergoing pedagogic reform.

ADD FORUM 2: Engineering Education, Machine Design in Aalto brought together educational developers to discuss past, present and future pedagogical structures. It included a workshop that allocated ADD's resources into future research and educational projects.

Markku Kuuva, a University Lecturer for the Department of Engineering Design and Production, presented the school of engineering’s progress report and program reform.

Wycliffe Raduma, ADD's research assistant, presented his Master's Thesis titled "Search for Best Practice in Education: Machine Design in Aalto University". The ongoing grassroots approach to reforming engineering education aims to maximize collaboration to reach the best results.

The Aaltonaut Team, Saana Tikkanen and Tapio Melgin, introduced the plans and concept for a new Aalto-wide interdisciplinary Bachelor's program, which includes ADD's basic course in digital design and fabrication, ADD BASICS. The pilot course begins in fall 2013.

Continuously creating and spreading best practices ensures engineering education matches what is required today and tomorrow.